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Let's play with styling! : Loretta


Let's play with styling!

Women still desire what they wished when they were little.
Loretta. It is a styling brand that women truly wish to have and can be used pleasantly.

Product List

Base Care Line

Loretta Base Care Oil

Setting Level 0/7

120ml / Lot 24
Oil treatment with the rose fragrance makes the hair sleek and shiny, which whoever is tempted to touch.

Loretta Night Care Cream

Setting Level 0/7

120g / Lot 24
Leave-in treatment used before the bed time helps to avoid bed-head and have hair controlled.

Loretta Hair Butter

Setting Level 0/7

65g / Lot 36
12g / Lot 48
100% natural hair butter with sheer butter helps the hair to be moisturized and controlled all day.

Makeup Line - Wax

Loretta Make Up Wax 2.5

Setting Level 2.5/7

65g / Lot 36
Light finishing touch with airy softness. Best for natural hair styling without overly done look.

Loretta Make Up Wax 4.0

Setting Level 4/7

65g / Lot 36
The right lightness of holding power creates the bouncy movement. Enjoy desired waves and texture all day.

Loretta Make Up Wax 6.5

Setting Level 6.5/7

65g / Lot 36
Long last strong holding power creates texture and shape. Suitable for hair rollers as well.

Makeup Line - Milk

Loretta Make Up Milk (Natural)

Setting Level 2.5/7

100ml / Lot 24
Oil base milk lotion to keep bouncy waves all day long. Enjoy the cheerful airy feeling and natural texture.

Loretta Make Up Milk(Glamorous)

Setting Level 3.5/7

100ml / Lot 24
Oil base milk lotion to create natural movement down to hair ends with glamorous sheen.

Makeup Line - SPRAY

Loretta KiraKira Shuu

Setting Level 0/7

Light, sleek and shiny styles will make your day happy! Create the silky hair that you always dream of.

Loretta FuwaFuwa Shuu

Setting Level 4/7

Feminine hair styles with light and soft look will cheer you up! Create light texture with airy feeling.

Loretta KachiKachi Shuu

Setting Level 6/7

Stronghold will keep every hairstyle to let you be ready for any occasion! Keep styles with stronghold.

Makeup Line - GEL

Loretta Wave Gelee

Setting Level 4/7

Create wave styles freely even with your natural curls! Perfect for bouncy waves.

Loretta Hard Jelly

Setting Level 6.5/7

New challenge of Loretta for spiky edge styles! Glowing sheen and stronghold will create funky styles.


Loretta Happy Morning Rose

Setting Level 0/7

Natural damascus rose water! Can be used as hair mist as well as what can take care of your bed head.